14.12.2019 | Talentos Emergentes – PLUGGED IN – O’culto da Ajuda

Recital a solo no âmbito do ciclo “Talentos Emergentes” no O’culto da Ajuda.


[ka’mi], Näherungen – I. Nah aus der Ferne (2007)
For Trumpet in Bb and pre-recorded Electronics

Agostino Di Scipio7 piccole variazioni sul freddo (1994-95)
For trumpet and signal processing compute

Daniel Mayer, Lokale Orbits / Solo 10 (2013)
For trumpet and 4 channel tape

Rui PenhaNo man is an island (2014)
For wind instrument (improvising soloist) and spatialized electroacoustics.

Karlheinz StockhausenDonnerstags-Abschied (1980)
For 5 trumpets (or 1 tp. Live with 4-track tape with 4 tp.)


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